Thursday, May 6, 2010


muz is a fucker!!! his a asshole and his gay partner is shengyang!! he love to 69 wif him!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Great day!

Started the day by meeting her at tampines inter. Smoke and chat a while jiu when to sku le.*Still got something not fang bian to say* XD.
The moment i reached school jiu went to locker take book, saw my friend and they told me first lesson has ended. -.-. Then rot at school for like 1 hour, then went for second lesson till 12.
Someone then ask me pon school.-.-. Then pon lor, went back home change and went to meet her again. Send her home all the way to CCK(clever people should know where).
After she reach home, jiu went arcade alone. Then got a text from her saying she wanna come arcade also.-.-. Waited for her to come then play ID for like one round only jiu never play le. cause the machine there SUX! lol~
Then send her home again~ Something then happen in the lift(wanna know? go find out yourself).Then jiu took the long journey bus back tamp.*sit dao my ass very pain* -.-.
That's all for today! Shall update again after my clubbing on 12th. XD. tata~~~~

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Confusing Situation!!!

It's being so long since i update my blog.
So many things happen during this period of time. I finally found someone that makes miie forget about aihua but everything ended so fast! It was like yesterday when we were together but nothing i can only see you from a distance away. Everything really looks like it was a dream(but a good one). It was really hard to let go but as long as you are happy i dun mind even if i have to bear the other pain.
I just hope you two will last and don't wanna see the history to repeat itself again. So you two better be XIN FU or my appearance will be wasted.:)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Its being so long!!

Yo! so long never post le. haha. Actually also nothing mush to write lor thats why so long also never come update. LOL!
SIAN! Nth to write le. -.-. countdown to my B'DAY!!! xD. Cao le. bb.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sam starts to think postive in everything le wor. haha

Back to posts. haha. Quite a few days never posts cause nothing to update. hmmm. today also not much to update actually, just don't want this blog to die nia. xD
Yeah! Sam is back to school. Cheers for him? LOL! Today finally went school le. Last week like only go school for 1 lesson la. haha. Than teacher keep calling my phone, so irrating sia. This week jiu no choice go school lor. haha.
So no mood at school lor. LOL. Went to school also not listening to teacher. haha. just rot there nia. finish jiu went home le. haha.
Sian, wondering if i should go out work instead of studying ma. haha. like that like waste time only sia. work le gt pay still can move out this HOUSE!!! lol.

hmmm, why you not replying my sms le? Did something happen or i do something wrong? Nvm also la. Because the world is still turing and time will fade everything away. So, don't stun when you see miie and i don't reconise you wor. haha.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Nothing to update today. Tomorrow than update ba. bye. xD

Monday, August 10, 2009

Marina Barrage!!

Today, woke up damn early la! 8am jiu wake up le. Like miracle uh? i will wake up in the morning when there is no school. haha.
Than use computer all the ways till 2 plus than go meet kevin than go bina house take food for her cause like kinda a lot? haha.
Than went to inter meet auggy, 1st time he so early reach than waited at cheers for yang ee and zhi hui to come than together go Marina Barrage.
When we reach there, susan was about to reach also so waited for her and WE MISSED THE BUS!!! lol. Nvm.
Than we wait for next bus and the bus is damn LONG DE LA!!

After don't know how long,the bus finally came. Was so happy la, but those that come later than us de people board the bus 1st. zzz. so FUCK! Yang ee than start shouting at the bus stop saying we waited so long than still no seat for us in the bus. lol. Was damn ps. haha.
Than finally, Marina Barrage!!! haha. Is damn stupid de la.
Seven person there, 4 kite and none of us manage to fly the kite high. zzz. Kept trying and trying still fail. than i finally gave up and start running like a IDIOT! just to make it go higher. But still leh, drop down. LOL! Run till so tired la.
Than around 7 like that, left Marina Barrage and proceed to city hall . Have LJS there, but i never eat. See them eat nia. haha. Yang ee was lucky man, the LJS lucky draw tio 3 notebook for all the lucky draw. zzz.
After eating, went to bugis play arcade for around 30mins than went to take bus back to tampines le. Was so suai la! Bus tio single deck than no seat have to stand all the way back tampines. zzz.
Reach tampines le than send this and that person home than finally my turn to go home. haha. And thats all for today lor. haha. bb.

HaHa. careful wor. later i take your photo go sell. xP

Sunday, August 9, 2009



Back. to post! xD

Friday, went to school for like 1 hr plus jiu go home le. Like STUPID la.
Just go take a test can go le. LOL.
Went home after that, was so angry that my bro keep the Ethernet cable than i also keep one of the cable. lol. than i went to find my uncle.Chit chat for a while than went to meet Long. Than Kevin and bina came. Slack-d at mrt station there a while than long need go for driving lesson than we jiu go auggy' s chalet 1st. Really bored at there when we just reach there cause nobody was there yet.
LOL. His mother keep asking us to eat but we juz ate so keep saying later. haha. the food there is like for 50 ppl de la. how to eat also never finish. lols.
Than around 11 plus everyone was here, sang birthday songs for Auggy. Than i help out with the BBQ cause auggy had being doing it from afternoon to night. lol.
12 plus, more ppl join us. We than wait for auggy's parent to go than started drinking le. That day was not in a good mood, than drink around 2 cup of wine and i mix vsop jiu giddy le? Than rest in the chalet, and that SUSAN! Treat miie as pillow la. Rest dao very shiok hor? lol.
Rest dao half than suddenly heard dao long talk on the phone with so called Qian Wei bf? i quickly go outside , all trying to stop miie going listen how they say until? LOL. i was not even drunk and i not that kind will find trouble de hao bu hao? lols.
Than jiu settle on the phone le, i jiu sms Qian Wei she dao di got bf anot? she said is her ex le. but the guy say they were onli arguing? lol. Nvm than i ask her go settle the R/S problem than contact miie. Like so wtf? i don't know whos lying la. Than i jiu went to rest le don't wan think so much. haha. Enough of all this! cao le. :(

If you are not lying, after everything is settled ,we still can be friends. But if you are! dun ever contact miie! reason you no need to noe ba.!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back to post!

Yesterday was feeling unwell so slept from 5pm to today de 9 am than wake up. haha. was so shiok la. luckily today no class cause teacher got something on so lesson change to next week.
Woke up at 9am still having headache, than rot rot a while at home dao 11+. Than started to call people out for lunch. But sadly, nobody answer my call. All was still sleeping at there time. haha. i jiu eat alone lor.
After i finish eating, was thinking want go Sembawang find Qian Wei ma de. but she reply dao half way never reply than jiu drop off that idea cause thought she don't want miie go find her(After that she reply miie say she like surprises? than i think back i should have gone down la. LOL).
Yi qin than call back, i jiu ask him want go other place cause i don't feel like staying at tamp.
Meet up with Yi qin at interchange, went to bedok there eat.
Ben lai is find jeslyn at her school there but she suddenly tell us she finish school at 2.15. than we look at the time was only 1.30, so went to find auggy pei him eat. than slack-d at void deck dao jeslyn come than go auggy house use computer dao 4 plus than jiu went home le.

Next time i sure will go down find you and give you a surprise. XP

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kana Disiao!

Today was so fun in school. haha.
Keep kana disiao by a malay girl what boyfriend thing(Btw she not bad de wor.xD ) . lol.
It kept miie laughing the whole day la. haha.
Than went back home use com dao 7 plus, my mother than say wan go out eat. Than i was like huh? Cause we seldom go out eat de. than my mother tell miie is my father birthday . LOL.
I dou don't know today is his birthday. haha. Than jiu be guai kia pei them lor.
The 1st thing when i reach interchange jiu go find auggy them 1st cause wanna smoke narh. haha. Went to find them smoke than jiu go le. Pei my parent eat, by the time finish eating dou 9plus le. Still, think of going back find auggy them but sadly they all already went home.
Went back home ther find yang ee help miie buy cig. Smoke-d and slack-d for around 30 mins than went home.
Waited dao now than can use computer. Cause of my bro la. -.-!!! Lol.
Hmmm, nothing to say le. Cao liao. TaTa!

So glad you sms miie today. but why half way jiu stop le. :(